In celebration of Callender Graphics 30 year anniversary we’re taking you back to 1989


What is your favorite numeral design?

What number is your favorite visual design?

  • Tarot  cards inspiration imagination creativity intuition brainstorming enlighten
  • Do illustrations of  famous thinkers of our time in my own 10 different styles of art depicting what their contribution what was
  • enlightenment – : insight, understanding, awareness, wisdom, education, learning, knowledge; illumination, awakening, instruction, teaching; sophistication, advancement, development, open-mindedness, broad-mindedness; culture, refinement, cultivation, civilization.
  • Try to imagine a color that you have never seen. It’s impossible our brains don’t allow our brains only allow us to see enough to survive in the world reproduce and find food and avoid becoming food for someone else.
  • What attributes do you look for in a designer what turns you off the most about working with designers
  • Do you think the hardest client to ever please if you were to be hired for some design work would be yourself – as the client?
  • why is six afraid of seven
  • what rate you feel is appropriate for designers
All you have to do is vote on 5. Simply mark good or bad for each of the five logo/brand concepts for Callender Creative

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