Your music.

3:06 pm - July 17, 2015

These days, I often meet with clients/Brides & Grooms, that are planning all of their details for their big day, including one of the most important parts of their day (I’m a little bias – Lol), their music selections. Believe it or not, there IS a method to our madness, and what we’re trying to accomplish for their event/reception through the music selections. And because the event/reception goes through different stages, or has certain activities that are taking place throughout the day/night, I’ve always felt that it’s all about setting the mood and “luring you in”, to make you “feel” that mood of what’s taking place at the moment, or sharing in that joy/celebration with that person/couple! It’s not just about playing music. There’s a time and place for different types of songs. Case in point, the obvious…you wouldn’t play a “get out of your seat” song, or should I say the “Shut up and dance with me/Walk the moon” track, if you’re trying to set the mood for a romantic dinner with great conversation over a great meal with great friends, unless you want them to shovel their food down, and run out on the dance floor! Lol. But after dinner, when cake and coffee are being brought out, THAT’S when you transition your music to more light uptempo songs, and to get their guests into “party mode”! Again, this is just one scenario, and of course some people have a different take on this, but after 25 yrs. in this bus., and of all of the hundreds of events I’ve done, and of all that I’ve seen, the biggest challenge we run into today, is the “Me” generation. And what I mean about that is, the “My songs, My playlists, My genre” scenario. We’re so used to customizing everything on all of our devices when it comes to music, to ┬áhearing ONLY what type/style of music you want to hear, when you want to hear it, with or without commercials, and you can even have ITunes/Spotify, etc., pick out songs they think you’d like, based on your current taste/selections/recent purchases. Whew, it can be overwhelming and yet great at the same time for all of us music lovers! But when it comes to planning the music, and your ideas vision for your event/wedding, remember, as I always tell my clients/Brides/Grooms, “You love your music, I may love your music, but that does NOT mean your guests will love your music! Obviously, it is YOUR event/wedding, and you’re going to get your music, but if your guests are that important to you, for you to want to take the time and invite them to be a part of your big day, to witness the joy/celebration/party, and have them dancing with you ’til the lights come up, or the end of the party, isn’t that what it’s all about? Giving your other 100 – 200 plus guests the opportunity to request a song or two, and to party and dance to their favorite songs as well? That’s what I personally don’t want to hear, and that is, that that DJ wouldn’t play anything I requested! One cool thing that some of my Brides/Grooms started doing, was as they sent out their invites, they would include a little note stating, if there’s “1 or 2″ songs (not 10 or 12 – Lol) you’d like to hear, please include them with your RSVP’s. Then my Brides/Grooms would compile a little list, and email them to me, so it would help get the feel of what types/styles of music their guests would like for dancing. I personally have always, and still put out request cards at the end of dinner on the tables, as I said, just to invite those guests to request a few of their favorite dance songs, and to make them feel a part of the party, and to fill the dance floor! My first blog about a very important subject I feel in planning your event/party, and hopefully many more to come! Just one DJ’s thoughts on making your night, and the whole music/dance experience fun for all!!!

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